MUNCHI-POWER! aims to entertain as it sows seeds of vegetables & love!  

JOIN THE MUNCHIMONSTER FAMILY & become a Munchimonster yourself! It feels great! Swing on a vine, read, make animal pals & race around with the Grumium Chums! Eat Super-Salad & grow your own sweet garden! GO-GREEN-GRUB-GO! 

MUNCHI-POWER! characters are taken from the children’s book, ‘AVATARS OF GAIA’, an inter-dimensional adventure tale about learning to eat right, becoming a steward of the Earth, activating one’s special power & saving the dimension of Gaia from the rotten Krud King of Hazard Hollow!

Scavenger Hunt between rival camps, the Avatars of Gaia and snooty Camp Champion will decide who wins new canoes and the treasured gold trophy! Losers could be trapped in Hazard Hollow forever and possibly be turned into a piece of Krud Grub! Uh oh!